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Pitlock™ Security

Pitlock™ Security

Orbit Cycles are the sole UK distributor for these German-made security products.
With a replacement front wheel with tyre and tube costing from £60, it makes sense to make your wheels and saddle theft-proof. You will also avoid the hassle of securing your wheels, every time you lock your bike up.

German-made out of stainless steel, these Pitlock™ skewers will also be stronger than your original skewers. Each set comes with two cleverly shaped keys (256 possible combinations) and the skewers can't be undone without them. Designed to last indefinitely on your bike.

Available through all Orbit dealers. In case of difficulty, you can order from Gearshift mail-order.

Pitlock security fasteners : CTC Cycle Magazine Review April 03
"This complete line of security fasteners, for all the most precious and pilfer-prone parts of your bike, is newly imported by Orbit Gearshift, but has a well-proven continental pedigree, being especially popular in its country of origin: Germany. The fittings are all stainless steel and work via a funny-shaped threaded cam recessed into the outer cap - a lock in a pit, if you like. All the parts are exquisitely made and that cam comes in 256 different shapes. You cannot turn it except with its dedicated key: which has a 15mm hexagon-head and a hole through the side. So you can turn with a 15mm spanner, use an allen wrench as a tommy bar, and thread it on your key-ring. Several different sets are offered, some including fittings to secure threadless headsets (otherwise anyone armed with an allen key can steal your expensive suspension forks) and even brakes. The one illustrated just deals with the easily and often nicked wheels and seatpost. Note the slight bend on the seatpost skewer. That's as straight as I could get it after fitting to a seatclamp with angled faces, on which it became very difficult to turn and insert the key, due to the tilted cap. Make sure that your seat-clamp has parallel ends."
Chris Juden

Each set is supplied with two stainless-steel socket keys. There are several thousand combinations of key. All spares, including spare keys, are available.
(the serial number of the key is marked on the set you buy)

Three piece sets:
Check the width across your seat-clamp to decide which set you need.

  • 3-pc set with 36mm seat-bolt £36.00

  • 3-pc set with 60mm seat-bolt £38.00

    Front wheel only:

  • 1-pc set for front wheel only £20.00

    For some tandems, and bikes with extra-thick dropouts, you might need the longer rear skewer (pin part only)

  • 170mm extra-long rear skewer only £4.00

    Twin Pack:
    Got more than one bike? Don't want to carry a set of keys for each one? No problem! This twin pack contains two 3-piece Pitlock sets, each set uses the same key. Result: one key does both bikes!

  • TwinPack matched 36mm seatbolt £68

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